As state and nationally certified court reporters and CART/Captioners our board of directors is comprised of very enthusiastic volunteers with one big issue to tackle when it came to managing our Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association: TIME. We don’t have much of it. We are in the courtroom, deposition room, or providing CART services every day, leaving us but a few hours to volunteer and serve the needs of our Georgia court reporting association members.

We knew we needed to become more focused and work smarter in serving our members. That’s where Robin Hill came in for me, providing a Virtual Assistance solution that was flexible, made budgetary sense, and suited our boards’ needs. The virtual interaction with our dedicated Executive Assistant has been definitely efficient, professional, and relatively seamless. The successful partnership between GCCRA and Robin Hill has proven a vital factor in reorganizing our association. With her assistance in our website content development, social networking, and database management, we are now able to focus more of our time on the networking, marketing, continuing education, defense fund, and the legal and professional issues court reporters in Georgia face rather than just ‘keeping it running’. She helps keep our members informed and up to date with regular email distributions, including newsletters, member discount offers, and continuing education information.

As we now have significant confidence in Virtual Office Assist, Robin has been able to take on other jobs, which involve graphic design and general desktop publishing. This is often a very time-consuming job for a non-profit association like ours and it allows us to concentrate on what we do best: serve and support our members. We hope to continue working with Virtual Office Assist  and would highly recommend her services for any business or association like ours.

Caryn Broome
Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association

Summer is our busiest season. We are constantly out on job sites meeting with clients and dealing with employees. Robin has been extremely valuable making sure the daily work for our company gets done. She helps with payroll, invoicing, statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, email management, and anything else we might need done. She is quick to respond and is always there when we need her for last minute requests. I would definitely recommend her to any company needing administrative help.

Robert Bryant
Vice President
Phoenix Mechanical, Inc.

I don’t know how Robin Hill does what she does.. Not only is she skilled in all operating systems, as well as online applications, she communicates technological issues in a straightforward, accessible way. If I simply want to her to fix a problem, she does it, but if I want to know the “why” behind it, her explanations are clear and concise. She’s also quick to respond and pleasant to be around and work with. Besides her technical skills to run the “back end” seamlessly I am always impressed by her work ethic and body of knowledge.

I recommend her work to friends and colleagues all the time.

Thank you again Robin.

Will Caraway

Chief Networking Executive

We have used Robin with Virtual Office Assistant to help us with content writing for various projects.  Her work is well researched and professionaly written each time.  She is willing to revise, as needed, and always goes the extra mile to make sure we have exactly what we need.  We will not only continue to use her services in the future, but are happy to recommend her to others as well.

Cynthia MacDonald Websites


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