Services offered for Mr. Appliance Franchises


Virtual Office Assist has found 3 areas in which we can help franchise owners administratively.


  • Bookkeeping that includes expensing all transactions in your business bank accounts and credit card accounts.
  • Comparing Smartware monthly tax reports to QuickBooks P&L Income to make sure they match.
  • Help set a budget on what bills need to be paid and when.
  • Checking work orders weekly to make sure they are paid and WSA Completed for Royalty reports.
  • Transfer all sales, credit, refund, and payment transactions from Smartware into QuickBooks.
  • Make sure all payments are properly matched to bank deposits including checks and all credit card transactions that are deposited in batches.

Logistical Calls

  • Calling leads that come in from Home Advisor or appointment time. Getting all the information and putting it into smartware and scheduling the service call.
  • Calling leads that come in from the answering service. Getting all the information and putting it into smartware and scheduling the service call.
  • Calling clients when parts come in that have been ordered and scheduling them for service.
  • Customer service/admin
  • Working with the warranty company companies for both billing and issues.
  • Route service calls at the end of the day. Send email confirmations to everyone from smartware.
  • Call Accounts Receivable clients to help collect with money.
  • Receive parts into smartware that have come in, so service calls can be scheduled.

What you will get:

  • Virtual Office Assist will assign a customer service representative as well as a bookkeeper to your account. This will be your project management team.
  • Virtual Office Assist uses Basecamp to organize all new client projects. You will be emailed an invitation to join your project management team in Basecamp so that you can be involved in everything that goes on between our team and yours. This is where we will communicate and store documents.
  • It will also be possible for a video conference call so that you can meet your project management team and put a face to those that will be working on your behalf.
  • You will receive a scope of work form describing the work Virtual Office Assist will be responsible for, along with an authorization you must sign.
  • We will send you a New Client Set up form with all the information we will need to start work for your company.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated phone number that will ring at our offices. This telephone number will be assigned an area code local to your area. This is the number we will use to call out on to make calls for your franchise, so it appears as if we are local. If someone we call uses the caller id from the number we used to call us back, we will have that dedicated line labeled with your company’s location name, so we know who we are answering the phone for.

Our company has already helped several Mr. Appliance franchise owners with their administrative, bookkeeping, and customer service needs. We offer customized packages for each location with both hourly and monthly rates, depending on your administrative needs. Please call Robin Hill at (678) 680-7790 or email to discuss your options today!